Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish

Lesson 3 – Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the third lesson in Learn Spanish Online with Yohenia.

Today lesson is all about Spanish Numbers and Counting in Spanish.

I’m Yohenia from Cuba. 

Lesson 3 is all about numbers 0-15, and the verb “hay,” which means “there is/are.”


  • I can count 0—15 in Spanish.

Essential Vocabulary

This time we just have numbers 0-15. We’ll learn the numbers, and mix them in with Lessons 1-2.

We hope you enjoyed the third lesson from Learn Spanish Online with Yohenia, about Spanish numbers and that you will have fun learning to count in Spanish! Make sure you check out the whole Learn Spanish Online with Yohenia, series for Spanish beginner!

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